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Podcast episode - The inner autumn of the menstrual cycle, set boundaries and speak your truth

Breaking down the powers of the inner autumn of the menstrual cycle - the pre-menstrual phase

In this solo episode I'm talking about how to reframe your experience of the pre menstrual phase and tap into the powers of the inner autumn. I cover:

  • How the inner autumn shows up in different fractals of life

  • The powers of this season

  • Boundary setting

  • People pleasing

  • The alchemy of the cycle

  • How to navigate and hold space for difficult emotions

  • The inner critic

  • Self care for this phase of your cycle

Instragam - @thisiswomanhood@gina_torres Website - Join my free facebook community - Trust your cycle Practice yoga with me, in tune with your menstrual cycle phases - Click here for a 7 day free trial Listen to the inner seasons episode here Wild power book



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