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Menstrual Magic
6 Week Online Course

A self-paced online course

for you to explore the wisdom of your menstrual cycle

Your body and cycle holds so much wisdom.

How often do you tune in and listen?


Chances are you’ve been taught to keep your monthly bleed a secret, to switch it off or to view it as an inconvenience.


But what if I told you it can be your super power?


In this course you will learn how to work with your own cycle as a tool for transformation.


– The basics of MCA and menstruality

– How to track your cycle

– Healing your menarchial experience

- The expansion and contraction of your cycle 

– The inner seasons

– Self care for all the inner seasons

- Lifestyle/nutritional changes to support your hormones

– Cycle focused meditations

- Using your cycle to create and manifest

- Intention setting and ritual


gina torres menstrual cycle awareness.jpg

 We learn from the world around us that our menstrual cycle is a curse, yet there is another way to view it.


This is your opportunity to rewrite the story and reclaim the power that’s been waiting within.


Anyone who has a menstrual cycle is welcome to join us on this 6 week journey of self discovery. 

Regardless of where you are on your journey or how you feel about your cycle, this course will bring great benefits.

For years I suffered with severe menstrual cramps and pms symptoms. I would dread my ‘time of the month’ and do all I could to avoid it yet now I look forward to my bleed and honour what my body needs in each stage.

Pink Flower


menstrual cycle awareness.jpg


Intro to MCA

We will cover how to get started with a cycle awareness practice and how to create a new habit of tuning into your body on a daily basis. Giving you a more embodied connection to self and greater body literacy


The Waxing and Waning

Your cycle follows the same ebb and flow as the moon. We will learn about these energies which in turn ushers in more ease and harmony as you learn to surrender to the cycle of nature rather than fight against it.

the map of the vias.jpg
the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle.jpg


The Inner Seasons

Working with the archetypal cycle to understand and tap into the powers of each phase.

This helps to usher in more ease and harmony throughout the whole month.


Healing Menarche

This initiative process (your first bleed) sets the tone for your cycling years.

By rewriting your menarchial experience you can start to reclaim the power of your cycle.

inner seasons of the menstrual cycle.jpg
self care for the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle.jpg


Self Care and Lifestyle Support

As you open up the dialogue with menstruality you are able to hold yourself in all seasons, tend to your body’s needs and deepen into the powers available to you in each phase. We will cover lifestyle changes and cycle syncing that can support your journey


Creativity and Intention

Your cycle holds a deep intelligence and gives you a map for how to access your purpose and live from a place of alignment. As you learn about the energetics of the cycle you can start to ride the waves throughout your month to create and call in what your soul desires.



Each week of the course you'll gain access to that weeks teachings in the form of:

VIDEO CONTENT - Inside the program you'll have access to new videos each week where I'll be teaching on the current theme.

WORKBOOKS - A digital workbook where you'll have access to the overview of each week and space to interact with the content.

MEDITATIONS/JOURNAL PROMPTS - In each module you'll have different resources to support the exploration of the current theme such as meditations, journal prompts, and a bonus yoga class!

Pink Flower


'Wow, I was blown away, by all the knowledge Gina has around the cycle itself, the female physiology and hormones. But what truly amazed me was the shift I saw within myself. I now feel more at home in my own body and in a space full of women'

sign up MCA


It will be my pleasure to guide you on this journey of connecting with menstruality consciousness.

If you're ready to book you can sign up using the link above and gain access immediately.

Or if you have any questions you can reach me here or DM me on Instagram @gina_torres

With love, Gina x

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