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A yoga platform designed for the female cycles

40+ on-demand cyclical yoga classes and meditations

Align your practice to the rhythm of your cycle to create a feeling of ease and harmony within


No matter where you're at in your monthly, yearly or life cycle, there are classes to support and nourish your body

WINTER - Restorative yoga, introspective energy

SPRING - Beginners movement, creative flow, rising energy

SUMMER - Vinyasa, pilates-style fitness, peak energy

AUTUMN - Embodiment exercises, strength building, somatic movement, descending energy

gina torres yoga

Your feminine cycle is an anchoring presence and transformational tool to help you evolve and realise your true potential

yoga for the menstrual cycle phases

So many yoga practices we see today were designed for the male body

It's time to reclaim movement for your cyclical self

Regardless of whether you currently have a menstrual cycle, the seasons of nature and the moon follow the same pattern

  • Join the movement

    Every month
    Tune in and honour what your body needs each day
     7 day free trial
    • Access to full class library
    • Discounted in-person events
  • Do I need previous experience of yoga?
    Not at all. There are many classes on the site that are suitable for beginners and for all levels of experience. The classes in the 'Inner Summer' section are the most dynamic so if you're totally new to yoga then you may want to build up to these.
  • What equipment do I need?
    You'll need a yoga mat or a soft space to practice e.g on carpet or a towel. Some practices can even be done in bed! For the restorative classes I use props such as yoga blocks, bolsters, pillows and blankets but these can all be substituted with things from around the house. Big books work great as yoga blocks ;)
  • What are the inner seasons?
    The inner seasons refer to the cyclical phase of the menstrual cycle. Menstruation - Inner Winter Follicular - Inner Spring Ovulation - Inner Summer Luteal - Inner Autumn These same four phases can be felt through many different parts of life - the breath cycle, pregnancy cycle, creative cycle, life cycle, moon cycle and of course the yearly cycle. Each has different powers, desires and needs. My work encourages you to attune to your needs in each phase and align to your natural rhythms.
  • What if I don't have a menstrual cycle?
    Regardless of whether you currently have menstrual cycle, we are all cyclical beings. The classes are sectioned by the inner seasons to encourage you to attune to how you're feeling each day and alter your practice accordingly. If you don't currently have an embodied experience of the inner seasons you can follow the moon cycle (read this blog post for more info on this) or simply notice how you're energy is feeling and go from there. If you're feeling more introspective, head to the inner winter section, or if you're bursting with energy head to inner summer.
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