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5 benefits of tracking your menstrual cycle

In a world that often glorifies busyness and often neglects self-care, taking time to tune into your body's natural rhythms can be the secret hack to unlocking a life of greater alignment, awareness, and empowerment.

When I speak of tracking your menstrual cycle what do I mean? Basically, it's the process of tuning in each day and noticing how you're feeling. As women in our fertile years, our hormones fluctuate throughout a 28 day menstrual month which means that our energy levels, desires and emotions fluctuate too. We have access to different powers in each phase and there's a beautiful alchemy to this fluid journey. However, our society isn't geared up to allow for these fluctuations, so it's up to ourselves to reclaim our cyclical power and take the agency to live in tune with our feminine cycles. The first step on that path, is noticing our own needs.

All it requires is a daily note on how you're feeling. It might be one word encapsulating your day's essence, or it could stretch into multiple pages in your journal. The key is finding an approach that's manageable and sustainable for you, because the longer you commit to tracking, the more you'll see the patterns, just waiting to be noticed.

Tracking your menstrual cycle offers a gateway to understanding your body and your emotional fluctuations on a deeper level, enabling you to navigate life's challenges and joys with a newfound sense of purpose and connection as you start to make allowances for how you know you'll feel.

Benefits of tracking your cycle

  1. Mindfulness: Taking time every day to tune in and notice what is happening under the surface is such a good practice to get into. It brings you into the present moment, creates more spaciousness within and allows for you to respond to the world around you rather than react.

  2. Body Literacy: Most of us aren't taught about our bodies and cycles in school. We don’t learn what different symptoms mean, what's normal or even what physical processes are linked to our fluctuating hormones. Tracking can bring awareness to what's happening, which empowers you to feel at home in your body and to know when something is off.

  3. Fertility/contraception: As you start to track physical symptoms such as body temperature, cervical mucus and cervical height, you’ll get to know when your fertile window is which can support you to get pregnant if you so wish, or alternatively, know when to use other forms of contraception to avoid pregnancy.

  4. Cycle synching: As you start to notice patterns of feelings, desires and energy levels throughout your menstrual month you can start to make allowances for how you know you’re going to feel, which can usher in more harmony and in turn, ease any PMS symptoms.

  5. Connect to your purpose: We have access to an infinite well of feminine wisdom beneath the surface. As you tune into your cycle you’ll start to hear her communicate via your intuition. This is where the magic happens! If you’ve ever questioned why you’re here on the earth, what steps to take next in life or felt disconnected from your essence, your cycle has the power to guide you, hold you and lead you by the hand to answer those questions and live a purposeful life. I know it sounds like a cliche, but all the answers are within.

It is your birthright to access the super power that is your cycle! The reason why we are taught to feel shame around menstruation and menopause is because that's where our true power lies!

If you’re ready to find the magic in your menstrual cycle then join me for my new menstrual cycle awareness course, details here.

I love nothing more than to teach on these topics and help you to feel empowered by your cycle, living in harmony with it and having access to your deepest feminine wisdom. I cannot wait to take this journey with you! Tracking my menstrual cycle has been a game changer for me personally and has become a part of my spiritual practice which is why I'm so passionate about sharing these teachings.

And if you'd like to begin tracking then download my free resource here and get in touch if you'd like support on your menstrual cycle awareness journey. I'm here to help!

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