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Podcast Episode - Focus on your flow - ADHD in Women & Menstrual Cycle Awareness with Abi Twigg

focus on your flow ADHD in women  and menstrual cycle awareness podcast

In this episode we talk about ADHD in women and how symptoms can be affected by the menstrual cycle phases. We discuss the challenges women with ADHD can face, how the fluctuating hormones can exacerbate symptoms and ways that tracking your cycle can support your journey.

What we cover:

- Adhd in women

- Symptoms - impulsivity, half started projects

- Sensory overstimulation

- Getting an adhd diagnosis

- Decision fatigue

- Menstrual cycle awareness

- Fibromyalgia and how it's linked to the cycle

- Benefits of cycle tracking when you're neurodivergent 

- How adhd is affected by the menstrual cycle

- Bleeding with the moon phases

- How to honour the inner seasons of the cycle

- The nourishment of doing nothing

- The importance of resting without guilt


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