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Podcast Episode - Theta Healing and Radical Responsibility: A Journey to Wholeness with Roxanne Hotchkiss

Theta Healing and Radical Responsibility: A Journey to Wholeness with Roxanne Hotchkiss

Dive into a powerful episode as we explore the inspiring story of Roxanne Hotchkiss, a woman who transformed her life through theta healing and spiritual awakening.

From a history of abuse, addiction, and homelessness to becoming a thriving reiki, intuitive and theta healer, she shares her incredible journey of resilience and recovery. Discover the spiritual gifts she unlocked, the process of manifesting a beautiful life, and the profound impact of taking radical responsibility for one's healing journey. Join us for a conversation that delves deep into the transformative power of theta healing and the path to reprogramming victim programming. This episode is a beacon of hope and empowerment for those seeking spiritual growth and healing in their own lives.

What we cover:

- What is theta healing?

- Roxanne's journey of abuse, addiction spiritual awakenings and becoming a healer

- Sensitivity in childhood and spiritual gifts

- Overcoming abusive relationships

- How taking radical responsibility in life can support your healing journey

- Rebuilding your mental health through dark times of addiction and homelessness

- Navigating the rock bottom in life

- Reprogramming negative belief patterns with theta healing

- Connecting to psychic gifts and how to hone them/learning to trust yourself as a channel for the divine

- Manifestation and how subconscious patterns run our lives

- The power of setting boundaries. Whatever you accept is what you'll get 


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