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How to you live in tune with your menstrual cycle as a busy mum

Parenting can be a wild ride, filled with ups, downs, and little ones with never-ending energy. Let's face it, trying to sync up with your own feminine cycle whilst still keeping up with the demands of your tiny humans can feel like a challenge. If your cycle is calling for a solo trip to a cabin in the woods but you have to get your minis to soft play/the next birthday party/drama/gymnastics/the dentist or the other million places on these little socialites schedule - it can feel like an internal battle. But fear not, even if it's impossible to sync all of your family activities to your menstrual cycle you can make small changes here and there to honour your feminine flow and reclaim some of that cyclical wisdom even if you do have snotty noses to wipe and 160 snack requests to fulfill. Here's some suggestions to help you honour where you're at while still being a present parent -

Inner winter/menstruation: as you enter your bleed time it can feel that all you want to do is cozy up on the couch. Well, guess what? You can totally make that happen! Grab some books and snuggle up with your little ones for reading marathons or movie nights. And here's a fun twist - see if they can balance a bunch of cuddly toys on your (totally relaxed and still) body. Need a break? Get them to build a den so you can lie down in it. Who can make the comfiest den? Mama can test it out ;)

Inner spring/follicular : As spring approaches, your creative juices start flowing. Embrace it! Get your craft on, tell epic stories, and unleash your inner child. Explore the great outdoors with your mini explorers and don't be afraid to get silly. Time to have fun with abandon and see where it takes you. Connecting to your inner child during this phase of your menstrual cycle can really help to embrace the powers of the inner spring, so spending time with your kids is the perfect way to do that! Let them take the lead.

Inner summer/ovulation : This season is all about those peak ovulatory vibes, the most social time of the menstrual cycle. Schedule playdates, hang out with other parents, spend time in the park, go on bike rides or any other activity that makes the most of that sunny peak energy. Dive headfirst into activities that scream summer fun. You might feel like super mum during this phase of the cycle so let yourself enjoy and maximise the waves of energy (important to remember that you won't always be able to spin all the plates and that's totally ok! go easy on yourself)

Inner autumn/ luteal : For many of us, autumn can bring challenges. Your patience might start wearing thin as your tolerance of others starts to dwindle (this is a normal and necessary part of the cycle). It's okay to ask for support during this time. Seriously, you don't have to do it all alone. And here's a reminder: spending time alone is totally okay. It's a chance to fill up your cup and recharge, which benefits your whole family. So take that time guilt-free, mama. And of course, during the times you still need to show up for your children, it's also totally ok to tell them how you're feeling. Even just setting a boundary that you'd like to use the toilet on your own (we've all been there with an audience) is allowed and a simple way for you take that time for yourself - even if its just a few deep breaths.

Parenting is a beautiful journey, and embracing the ebb and flow of your feminine cycle adds an extra layer of complexity. But with these suggestions in your parenting toolkit, you can usher in more ease as you stay mindful of your own capacity whilst tending to the needs of your littles. Even just having an awareness of how you might feel as a particular time of the cycle can help bring harmony to the journey, so tracking your cycle is a great way to reclaim your cyclical connection. If you'd like to start tracking but don't know where to start then click here to download my free guide.

Embrace the seasons - cozy winter vibes, creative spring adventures, energetic summer shenanigans, and introspective autumn moments. Find your groove, honour your needs, and be the wonderfully imperfect parent that we all are. No one has got it all figured out so just do your best and be the parent you were meant to be. You've got this!


If you'd like support with your cyclical journey then check out the ways you can work with me and we'll take this journey together :)



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