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How your menstrual cycle can be your best business partner

The world we live in is primarily set up for the male 24 hour hormonal cycle - we go to work or school in the morning, rest in the evening and are expected to be pretty consistent with that cycle day after day, all throughout our lives. But we don’t operate on that time line. For those of us with female hormones, we have a 28 day (ish) cycle where our energy peaks in the middle and lessens throughout the second half. So trying to keep up with the grind every day of the month can have us burning the candle at both ends, feeling ‘less than’ when we can’t keep up or working ourselves to the point of collapse. That’s not the feminine way. SO what can we do differently? It’s time to throw out the (male) rule book, attune to our own natural cycles, and live from a place of embodiment with each of the feminine archetypes. And the most amazing part of this is that your cycle can teach you exactly how to do that! You just need to start listening. Below I share how I personally utilise the archetypal phases to support my business and live in alignment with my feminine cycle..

how your menstrual cycle can be your business partner

Here’s how your menstrual cycle can be the best business partner!

I’ve recently launched my new online course MENSTRUAL MAGIC (which I’m very excited about btw) and to make sure I’m practising what I preach I allowed my cycle to support me in that launch journey. Here’s how :

  • Phase 1, Menstruation/Inner Winter - VISION/INTENTION SETTING - The menstrual time is when we have heightened intuition and access to the collective consciousness, it’s a deeply spiritual time where we have a direct line to our purpose and vision for the future. You can utilise that power by intentionally attuning to the vision of your particular offering. How do you want people to feel? What is the embodied experience of your offering?

It’s amazing what comes through when we open ourselves up to receive. The biggest challenge in this phase is allowing space for stillness. Just like if you chase a butterfly, it will fly away, but when you’re still it will land on you - the inner winter invites us into that liminal space of rest - where the magic can find us!

  • Phase 2, Follicular/Inner Spring - BRAINSTORMING/ PLANNING/ CREATING - During this phase we have a rising energy and are embodying the maiden/child archetype of the feminine. It’s a time to explore, create, take risks, and not be scared about getting things ‘wrong’ - that’s how we learn! It’s also a very creative phase of the cycle so you can make use of these powers by planning your offering. With my course I used this time to map out the entire thing, make the workbooks, play around with aesthetics (my favourite thing to do - I’m such a sucker for a branding sesh) and get clear about how I need to move into the next phase.

  • Phase 3, Ovulation/Inner Summer - MAKING YOURSELF VISIBLE - When we are in the peak energy of the inner summer we have a natural confidence and radiance. The perfect time to put yourself out into the world and be seen. I made sure to maximise on that burst of energy by recording the video content for my course. During ovulation we are even able to articulate ourselves better so it was the perfect time to create this type of content. With your offerings, think about what tasks require the most energy and confidence from you and utilise this phase of your cycle.

If you have set your intention during the inner winter, then the peak energy during ovulation will have a direction to go in (which it loves to have) so there is a natural momentum towards an outward focus of energy. In this case, that was directed towards recording content, but whatever you may be creating or working on in your business, the ovulation drive can support you.

  • Phase 4, Luteal/Inner Autumn - EDITING/PRODUCTIVITY/FINALISING - As we start to descend down through the second half of the cycle there is a desire to get things finished off as we know that the end isn’t as far away. This energy is great whenever you’re in a creative process as it means that all the things on your to do list actually start to get completed.

I made a LOT of lists during this phase and took my time to work through each point. I edited the videos, got everything uploaded onto my course platform and tied up any loose ends. We have a sense of urgency during the inner autumn which you can make use of to hold yourself accountable and get everything finalised.

  • Phase 5, Menstruation/Inner Winter - REST/STILLNESS - The feminine teaches us that we can’t be ‘doing’ all the time. The periods of rest are such a necessary part of the process and without them we don’t have access to the peak of energy on the other side of the cycle - it’s all connected. I personally made use of this phase to take some time completely off from the project, to descend into the menstrual cave and be renewed after a busy month of being outward focused.

  • Phase 6, Follicular/Inner Spring - LAUNCH MODE - This is the perfect time to launch a new project or offering. As the energy rises in in the first half of your cycle, your project can rise with it. I made use of this time to put my course out into the world and let it find it’s own way (haha - my course baby is all grown up!)

No matter what you’re focused on in your business, or at work, you can find ways that the different phases can support you.

Use the template below as a reminder for how to work with your cycle in your business. You can add in your own projects and utilise the different archetypes to use your menstrual cycle as your best business partner!

how to use your menstrual cycle in business

I hope this helps you to reframe what's possible in your business or work projects and how to make use of the cyclical archetypes of the menstrual cycle to create a life that feels in alignment with your natural rhythms.

Thankyou for being with me on this cyclical awareness journey. I truly believe that when we as individuals reclaim our connection to our feminine cycle that it paves the way for systemic change that honours and supports a new way of living and showing up in the world. We get to choose every day to listen to our bodies and move through life in way that feels good. Your cycle and body is there to support you and can guide you to live a life that feels aligned and harmonious.

Please do reach out to me if you are struggling with any aspect of living in tune with your feminine wisdom right now or have any questions on these topics. Ultimately, the answers are all within so you don’t need me or anybody else to do this work - but sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone and to have someone who’s also on this path to walk alongside. I’m here for you if you need me and happy to chat.


Ways my work can support you:

- Practice yoga with me online, in tune with your menstrual cycle phases

- Listen to my podcast 'This is Womanhood' for more information on these topics and inspiring conversations

With love

Gina x



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