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Moon Wisdom: A Guide to Living Cyclically Without a Menstrual Cycle

Our menstrual cycle serves as a powerful tool, guiding us on how to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature. While I'm an advocate for celebrating the menstrual cycle as a cornerstone of female rhythm, the truth is, not all women experience it in the same way.

As menstruators, our bodies follow an innate monthly cycle known as an infradian rhythm, regulating hormonal fluctuations that manifest as the experience of inner seasons. However, for those not experiencing a typical menstrual cycle, this blog post will discuss how the moon's 28-day cycle can serve as a reliable guide.

Whether you're pre-teen, post-menopausal, pre/postnatal, on hormonal birth control, or dealing with any other form of amenorrhea or cycle irregularities, you can still live in tune with the ebb and flow of nature and align with the inner seasons, just in a slightly different way. That's where the moon comes in, offering a powerful guide for anyone to tap into their cyclical nature.

Tracking Without a Menstrual Cycle: Traditionally, for those who track their menstrual cycles, 'day 1' is the first day of the bleed, marking the onset of a period. But what if you don't experience a bleed? In such cases, you can begin tracking from the new moon. So your ‘day 1’ would be when the moon is at her darkest. Then you'll journey through the inner seasons from there.

moon cycle phases in the menstrual cycle

What to note down: As with any cyclical tracking practice, remember, there are no set rules. Track as much or as little as feels right because the magic lies in the act of observing and getting curious about what’s happening in your inner world (cultivating a practice of interoception).

Note down feelings, energy levels, physical symptoms, libido, and inner dialogue, just as you would in a typical menstrual cycle. The key is flexibility and to make the habit your own. Some days you may have lots to notice and could write pages in your journal, another day, it may just be a word that surmises the theme of the day.

Some questions to consider:

  • What is the theme of the day for me?

  • What physical symptoms/sensations am I noticing within?

  • How are my energy levels?

  • Do I feel social? or more introspective?

  • What desires do I have today?

  • Am I feeling productive? creative? irritated?

  • Is my inner critic loud? If so, what is she saying?

  • What is my body asking for today? How can I give her even just 1% of that?

When tracking your cycle with the moon, you may find the inner shifts are more subtle, the seasons less pronounced, as without fluctuating hormones, the inner seasons aren’t being guided by what’s happening to your internal tides. However, embracing the moon's rhythm allows you to harmonize with the beautiful and universal patterns of nature and the female cycle.

This connection goes beyond the personal. Living in sync with the moon aligns you with the natural world, making you feel grounded, empowered, and deeply connected to the tapestry of life. Your unique cycle, whatever it may look like, becomes a source of strength and guidance, a compass leading you through the ever-changing landscape of your life. There really are endless benefits to living in tune with these cycles.

The moon, as a timeless symbol of feminine energy, provides a steady guide for those navigating alternative cycles. Whether you're on a contraceptive journey, embracing menopause, or experiencing the phases of pre/post-natal life, the moon's influence offers a comforting rhythm.

How cycle tracking is beneficial: As with any cycle tracking practice, it takes consistency to reap the benefits. (check out this blog post for some of the benefits of tracking your menstrual cycle) Over time, you’ll start to uncover your own personal patterns. Maybe you find it easier to get into your creative flow when the moon is waxing, or want to go dancing at the full moon, or crave order and organization as it wanes. Seeing these patterns not only teaches you about yourself but also serves as a guide to usher in more ease into your life. For example, knowing your irritability always peaks when the moon is approaching its darkest point allows you to create whatever buffer you need during that phase of the cycle. That may mean scheduling in that party for a full moon, or taking some time for a bath at the new. Whatever it is, the more you create spaces for your outer world to reflect what’s happening within, the more harmony you’ll create for yourself.

We are not designed to live with the same outward flow of energy day after day, week after week. We need periods of rest just as much as we need periods of action. Aligning to your cycle, whether that be your menstrual cycle or the moon cycle, gives both the yin and the yang.

Creating rituals: To amplify the benefits of moon cycle tracking, consider incorporating rituals into your routine. Aligning with specific moon phases can deepen your connection to the cosmic cycles.

  • New moon - Introspection, intention setting, visioning, time to self.

  • Waxing moon - Growth, manifestation, creativity, playfulness, with the energy increasing you may be inspired to try something new.

  • Full moon - Reflection, letting go of what isn’t serving your highest intention. Spend time with friends, and enjoy the fullness of energy.

  • Waning moon - Productivity, nesting, connect to your body's needs and give yourself plenty of time and space to honor them. Grounding practices, warm baths, hot oil massage, self-care.

Living cyclically without a typical menstrual cycle is possible by embracing the moon as a guide. Your journey doesn't begin or end with a bleed; it's a lifelong exploration of your inner seasons. So, embrace the moon, embrace your own vibrant cycles, and rewrite the narrative.

Through flexible tracking and alignment with lunar rhythms, you can achieve a sense of groundedness, connection, and well-being, embracing the beauty of your unique cycle. The moon, with its timeless influence, becomes a companion on your journey towards holistic living. Embrace the lunar wisdom, and let the celestial light above guide you through the ever-changing seasons of life.

Let me know below if this was helpful or if you have any questions about cycle tracking.


If you'd like more support around harmonising with your cycle - in whatever way that looks for you - and embodying your feminine wisdom you can:

Or reach out to me via email or insta @gina_torres for more info about what I do and with any enquiries. I'd love to hear from you!

Happy moon tracking! :)



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