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Podcast Episode - The Magic Of Microdosing with Leslie Draffin

You've probably heard the term microdosing thrown around - but what is it? and how can it benefit you?

In this episode I'm chatting to Leslie Draffin about all things mushrooms, psilocybin and doing this work in synch with our menstrual cycle

We cover:

  • What microdosing actually is

  • How to do it safely

  • The benefits it can bring into your life

  • Breaking down the taboo of psychedelics

  • Anxiety, depression, ADHD and how to support yourself

  • The feminine connection of working with mushrooms

  • Cycle synching your microdosing protocol

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Thanks for listening!

About Leslie

Leslie Draffin is an internationally certified menstrual cycle coach, microdosing practitioner, psychedelic integration guide, feminine embodiment mentor, and podcast host who is passionate about helping people embrace their bodies, cycles, and psychedelics. She supports conscious women & menstruators who want to heal themselves through intentional microdosing, psychedelic integration, womb reconnection & cyclical living. Leslie believes sacred Earth medicine has the power to bring us home to ourselves, awaken our authenticity and heal the trauma locked within our subconscious.You can listen to her podcast, The Light Within, on your favorite podcast app. Connect with her on Instagram @LeslieDraffin and @thelightwithinpodcast.

LINK to Leslie's masterclass "Microdosing for Women & Menstruators" on Sept 18th at 6 pm CT.

LINK to MushWomb Alchemy - Leslie's 8-week group program to transform your life through pleasure, womb healing & psychedelics.


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