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Podcast Episode - Walking the spiritual path to wellness for mind body and soul with Mellissa Laycy

In this episode I'm chatting to Mellissa Laycy, gut health coach, relationship coach and actress. We cover a little bit of everything - from walking the spiritual path, how to find balance in your life and learn to trust yourself, to morning routines and how to support your mind body and soul every day. Enjoy!

We cover :

  • Plent medicine

  • Spirituality

  • Energy healing

  • Learning to trust your intuition vs trauma bonding

  • Relationships and how to heal from betrayal

  • Solo travel as a woman

  • The facade of free will

  • Taking leaps in life and knowing the net will catch you

  • How to integrate spiritual teachings into your every day life

  • Morning routines for wellness

  • Gut health advice and takeaways

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Instagram - @mellissalaycy


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Episode references

Sam Harris - No free will podcast (via the waking up app)

Listen to my episode about the inner seasons here



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