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Podcast Episode - Women's yoga and practicing menstrual cycle awareness in a corporate setting

Chatting to Fabia Adaira about how to live in alignment with your menstrual cycle whilst working in a corporate setting

In this episode we cover : - Women’s yoga - Integrating menstrual cycle into business/work life - Awakening sensuality with non linear movement - Cycle tracking in a masculine way vs a feminine way - Sitting with discomfort in the inner autumn - Self care during inner autumn - Cycle awareness in a corporate setting Connect with Fabia here: Instagram - @fabia.adaira Website - ----------- Connect with me : Instagram - @gina_torres @thisiswomanhood Join my facebook group - Trust Your Cycle Email - CLICK HERE for my free guide to tracking your menstrual cycle PRACTICE YOGA WITH ME in tune with your menstrual cycle at ------- Yoni Shakti book by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli



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