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Podcast Episode - Summer Solstice, Ovulation and connecting to your pleasure during the inner summer

In this episode I break down how the summer solstice of the yearly cycle relates to ovulation in the monthly menstrual cycle and how you can connect to your shakti self during inner summer.

I talked about the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle in episode 14 here. Go back and listen if this is a new concept to you.

Today I'm diving into the inner summer energy (the ovulation time of the cycle) and how we can tap into that during the summer solstice. I cover :

  • The powers available to us during inner summer

  • The fractals of the seasonal cycle

  • Why the inner summer version of the feminine is put on a pedestal

  • Why you inner summer may feel different or overwhelming

  • Self inquiry for how to connect to pleasure, and direct your shakti life force to what lights you up

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